About Me

Welcome to Porto, Portugal.

I’ve got first involved with WordPress back in mid-2011, taking advantage of the platform for it being easy to create client’s websites and not have to create a complete CMS solution from scratch. It’s been an unbreakable relationship since then. In the meanwhile, mobile came along, and I have been connecting both worlds since 2012, through freelancing at Codeable under Pluginslab, a small agency based in Porto, Portugal. Lately, more closely involved with the community, contributing with code and talks inspired by client work.

I was born in Brazil, in a town called Blumenau. I moved to Portugal when I was 8. Graduated from high school at the German School in Porto in 1998, the same year I published my first client work using HTML4 and CSS, and script pages powered by ASP 2.0. I have then worked as a teacher and IT guy at the same school until 2015, while doing freelance WordPress work, running my photography wedding service company Fotograma, and later my WordPress agency Hellodev with 8 employees. In 2017, I sold my agency and started Pluginslab, together with Nuno, specialized in WooCommerce.

I work with all sorts of clients, from the small business owners that are just starting and are breaking their first rocks, to companies doing $5M+ in yearly revenue and wanting to have their website perform the best way possible.

I like challenges. The process of developing a challenging website requires a lot of problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration with the client to understand their unique needs and goals. As a WordPress / WooCommerce developer, being able to take on complex projects and deliver high-quality results can be a source of pride and satisfaction.

I like entrepreneurship as well. To have the freedom to pursue my passions and build a business around them is very fulfilling. From my plugin we sold to iThemes, to the apps on the App Store that have audiences and fans, it is a truly rewarding feeling.

As a former professional drummer and photographer, the connection I have with creativity, being inspired by visuals and sounds, design and images, is always present, a never-ending process. I think it is a cool relationship between the logical thinking of a programmer, and the creative mixtures of colors and sounds.

The main programming I work with daily are: PHP, CSS + HTML, JavaScript and Swift. I do project management and enjoy working with a Team. I like developing plugins, themes, blocks for Gutenberg, Node.js applications, React-Native and native iOS apps.

Furthermore, I’m a native Portuguese speaker, C2-level German and English speaker, B1-level Spanish and French. I could be the drummer for Nirvana, The Foo Fighters, Rage Against the Machine, Green Day, Pearl Jam, John Mayer or any blues band, or the bass player, or the guitar player. Studied classic organ for 8 years. I’ve also done some YouTube videos with an overall 50k+ view count.

My platform of choice to work on is macOS on a MacBook Pro, and a Surface Go Pro 8 running Linux for experiments and fooling around with code. I like to pretend I know what I’m doing hosting my websites on Digital Ocean.